Michael Ruddell (pr_toman) wrote,
Michael Ruddell

budget inn

Well here I am at the budget inn. Am I staying here as a guest? hell no. Loren and I went to go hang out with nick at the flying saucer and then he invited us to go back to his place. Shortly after arriving there he informed me that we needed to go get a motel because of his roomates. That was gay shit. So we went to go find a motel.

Part II of the "gay ass fiasco":

I accidentily locked the keys in the car. I left it unlocked and Loren said something about me leaving it open so I locked it and the keys were in it. It is 150 for a locksmith so we decided against calling him. I posted up inside the motel because it has free internet access. Nick and Loren are outside using a hammer and a clothes hanger to open the car. I have free coffee and internet here. That is all I really need to survive.

I am due back on monday morning by 7:00am. I have to work at 8:00am. I wonder which motel we are going to stay at.. who knows. I was getting sleepy,but had some coffee. I'm good at staying up all hours of the night because I have had good practice doing so. I am still young right :).

That is all for now.. im going to get some more coffee and see what they are up to.
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