Michael Ruddell (pr_toman) wrote,
Michael Ruddell

another day

I went to fortworth and looked for a job. I didn't really have much luck though. I did get some stuff accomplished though. I came back to granbury and got my I.D. made and got the information I need to get my licence back. I have to dispute this wreck first. I don't have to,but there is an accident on my record that I was not in. After I win that it will be like 200.00 to get my licence back.

I am kinda staying here at my moms house now. I was staying at Loni's house,but ended up over here after I came to watch Kellen. I think my mom wanted me to stay here again for some reason. She knows that if I am over at Loni's I will probably mess up. I am just depressed when I am over there anyways. Loni treats herself like a piece of trash. She just sleeps with anyone that is around and she is an alcoholic now.

I talked to my lawyer today and he told me to watch out because Granbury is trying to set me up for failure. He said there is no telling what they are liable to do to get my probation revolked. I'm going to have to do everything perfect if I want to stay out of jail. I have to call Star Council tomorrow and get enrolled in that. Not only that I have to get on my community service and those awesome n/a meetings.

I will have a cell phone soon. I just have to bother my friend Randy enough until he gets it out of his storage. If not, I will just use the shitty sprint service I have. Well, thats all for now. PEACE.
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