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I am just sitting on my ass at the Ranch still. Nathan had to go to work today,but Erin didn't and we both woke up at 1. I went in there and woke her up after I took a shower. I wanted her to take me to town,but she said we have to wait on Nathan to get here before we can go.

Once we get to town I have to go and pick Ambers car up. I am going to go and pick Krysta up so we can hang out. We were supposed to hang out yesterday,but I wasn't able to get a car to go and get her, and besides, I was so fucking tired. I am still tired,but it isn't so bad today. I have no clue what we are going to do. We are probably just going to sit around like usual. More than likely we will come back here if that's cool with Nathan and Erin which it will be.

I have to go get my check today and talk to my work. I wasn't able to get a ride saturday cause everyone sucks ass. The day itself was alright,but I still needed a ride up to my work to talk to daryl. My head hurts so I am going to take some headache medicine. I also have to go up to the nutshell today.

I told noname1515 that I would come over and hang out and party with him so I am going to do that later. He doesn't do anything anymore and he deserves to have a good time since his mom screwed him over with the money she was supposed to be giving him. I feel bad for him cause he was looking foreward to getting his truck and now he just has to wait longer.

I have no clue what I am doing for christmas. I am probably just going to go to Dana's house because they are the closest thing I have to family in this town and that is what christmas is supposed to be like. I would like to spend some time with Krysta,but I highly doubt that is going to happen. I need to go pick up some stuff from the store I wanted to get for Kellen. I won't even see him until the 29th anyways.

I am going to get off here and go and make something else to eat cuz I am hungry again. I also need to remember to stop by walmart and pick up some centrum so I can start taking that on a regular basis. I feel drained and I know its vitamin/nutrient defeciency. Also scooby doo is on and I am missing it OMFG.

How come some people thing that problems are solved if you just forget about them? I think that is just the bomb digidy. Yeah right.. peace out.
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