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I am just sitting here chillin at the ranch with Nathan. Erin and Shane left already to go to work. Erin had to be at work at 12:00 and shane had to be at work at 4:00. He didn't trust I would find him a ride so he left early with Erin. We are kinda stranded here now,but thats okay. I am waiting on Dana to come over here and see me. She had to go pay the electric bill and then xmas shop and she was heading over here. I am all the way in cresson so it kinda sucks.

I never got a chance to go and pick up my check from work. That sucks ass. Oh well, I will go in and do it tomorrow. I am about to have two new jobs. I am going to be working at the chevron on pearl street and also at the nutshell. The head chef came into the chevron when I was there waiting and wanted me to come in and fill out an application.

Last night ryan through a christmas party at his house. I hung out at josh's house until erin got off of work then we headed over to ryans house to check out the party. There wasn't too much going on when I got there. All the beer was already gone and basically the party was over. They had a deejay spinning and I convinced him to get on the tables and spin a little while I was there. I talked to Richard and he asked me if I wanted to stay at his house. All the rooms are taken and it is kinda trashy,but it is a place to stay. I can clean the place up atleast. I just hate how they always throw parties and shit cuz it will always cause drama and trouble. I definetly wouldn't wanna share a room with any of them guys cuz they are so dirty. I can't stand it when the space I live in is fucking trashed as fuck. I like a clean enviroment. It makes me happier. After we left ryans party we took josh and kevin home and went out to the ranch and I am still hanging out here. We played dominos and spades all night or something. I talked on the phone a little bit too. Yesterday was a descent day compared to the day before. Speaking of yesterday...

I had the shit beat out of myself the other day. Justin Hill finally decided he wanted to beat my ass. Friday night I called Loni and Alicia to see if they would do me a favor. They were hanging out with gay ass justin hill. He ended up calling me back from alicia's cell phone and asking what was up and giving me directions to where he was. I ran inside the house real quick and everyone was partying and shit. They were all drinking and laughing having a good time. Justin and some of his friends were playing foozball. He and Loni started play fighting and then took it outside. He then asked me to follow them outside. They continued play fighting in the yard and then suddenly justin walked up to a truck that was parked running on the side of the house and tapped on the window. He put the window down and started talking to someone in the truck. I leaned against the truck and just stood there. All of the sudden he looked at me and dashed at me then proceeded to punch me in the face. He hit me like 2 more times and I backed up. He hit me again and I just fell on the ground and told him what the fuck justin, this is lame I didn't fucking do anything man. He started kicking me and stepping on my face and eventually some guy pulled him off of me. I swear to god Justin is one crazy motherfucker. While he was whipping my ass, he said, don't ever call me to buy speed again! I didn't call him in the first place and definetly didn't want to buy anything from him. After some dude pulled him off of me my boot fell off. I reached down to grab it and Justin snagged it before I could. After that I just got the fuck out of there. When I was leaving he was like where is del at now! He thought that Del was in the car waiting on me when it was nathan and Erin. Justin and del have some problems so I think that those assumptions were part of his motivation. After that I took off and they continued persuing me for over 2 hours. They chased Nathan and Erin with two trucks that they had. Nathan said they were in a high speed persuit all over granbury. They tried punching the window out and ripping the mirror off. They didn't ever suceed though. I had no coat and I was missing one shoe. It was 30 degrees and it fucking sucked ass. I hid for like an hour and then picked up these two metal pipes and took off all covert like down cleveland road. I had to dodge their cars and hide when they drove by looking for me. I walked all the way from sandy beach to wranglers across from the bowling alley. I was so cold it was un believable. The lady that was working was really nice and gave me free coffee. She kept trying to get me to press charges on him and I was reluctant. While I was deciding weather I wanted to or not a cop came in and saw me. I looked like shit and he asked what happened. I told him and he called a deputy and I ended up deciding to file charges. I wouldn't have accept that I had to fucking walk so far in the cold. That really pissed me off. Not just that,but they stole my fucking boot and that is sad. I loved those boots and I want them back. I don't think Justin was supposed to be off the base and I hope he gets in lots of trouble because I filed charges on him. What a fucking retard. There are a lot of people that are looking to beat his ass though and I think it's funny. He only left one visible mark on me and that was a knot on the top of my forhead on the left. Other than that I was untouched. Nathan said that was amazing cuz he saw him pounding the crap out of me.

Krysta is supposed to be home today around 5 or 6 and that's exciting. I think she said she was going to be able to hang out and thats awesome. It's been forever since I'v seen her and I really want to. I wrote this really long heart felt letter to her,but I dunno if I'm gonna give it to her. It is kinda graphic in a way and I dunno if poor krysta could handle such a letter without flipping out haha. I'll probably give it to her after I take her home or something. The first line beside her name says beware this letter is going to make you feel very awkward and uncomftorable haha. It took me so fucking long to write the thing I am definetly going to have to give it to her. That puts me in a good mood the stuff I read in her journal now. She reassured me that she only wants to me with me and that I make her really happy and all that. For a little while I thought we had lost it,but it's going to be good now. I have always been really straight foreward with my feelings for her and problems I have had and hopefully she will do the same when its in a reverse situation. I can't wait for her to get home. I havn't even heard her voice in a couple days and that really sucks. I gotta find a way to go pick her up and bring her back. I already have several ideas incase one of them doesn't work out or something. She said that she might try and get her mom to let her drive to Granbury. That would make things so fucking simple and easy. Either way it doesn't matter because we will get to see each other one way or the other. Nathan and Erin both already said she could come out here to the ranch and hang out. Things are so peaceful here and stress free. I think Krysta will feel at home around the cattle since she is from Stephenville ;-). I wanna keep on writing,but I have really said everything I wanna write here in the letter. I was going to put the whole thing in my live journal,but for some reason I had this crazy idea to give the letter to Krysta and not put it here. It is now 4-5 hours and 16 minutes until krysta gets back.. yay!

Jacob Clark called me yesterday and that was exciting. He usually doesn't call me to want to hang out at all. He used to be my best friend and we hung out like everyday. He wanted to hang out after he did his community service. He is another person that could go and pick krysta up or whatever. I know he would do it if I asked him. I'll give him a call later and see what's up.

One of my friends danny was going to let me move into an extra room that he has at his house. This was back when Erin and me were still together. I thought since we broke up he wouldn't want me to live there anymore,but he said I could if I was serious about it. It is such a pimp fucking room. If I got that room, I would be so damned happy. I am supposed to get him a cdrom from a friend and go to his house and install it then meet his mom. They need the help financially so they would benifit from having me live there. I need to get some rest though before meeting his mom. Or atleast recharge.. muahhahaha.

Kellen is gone to florida with my mother. He is going to be gone until the 29th. That really sucks because I wanted ot be with Kellen on Christmas. I am not going to get anything else and don't expect it,but I really wanted to be with Kellen,but we don't always get what we want now do we? I havn't seen him in about a week and it is killing me. She didn't even let any of his other family spend ANY time with him before they left. I think that is such ho ass shit.

I am hoping my I.D. came in the mail yesterday. It doesn't take that long to get just the texas I.D. card back. I am excited about getting it cuz it's been so long since I have had a valid state I.D. Ahh... the simple pleasures of life. I somehow miss placed my birth certificate and temporary I.D. I know that it isn't lost. I really think that it is in Dana's car somewhere cause that is where I had it last. I had it in there when I last borrowed her car. I am going to check more thorough when she comes out here later. I am trying to decide if I want to go back to granbury with her or not. I have some business I need to take care of and I need to do it in a timely manor.

Loni was telling me about this new guy she is dating and his name is like sledge or some shit and he is like 52 years old. That is so fucking old. Why would a 21 year old girl want to date a 52 year old guy. That is so fucking sick. That is like 13 years older than her mom is. Her mom is younger than the guy.. that is fucking insane. Loni is like fucked up in the head now I swear. Even worse that before. She gives a new meaning to the word dope fucked.. thats for damn sure. She just sleeps with anyone that will sleep with her now. Money is a great reason to sleep with a guy and keep him around. haha right. I don't even care that much anymore,but that is still sick. What is it with Loni and Mandy. Mandy is 19 and with a 32 year old and loni is 21 and with a 52 year old. That is so fucking wacked out. I think it's crazy that Mandy is with my friend Del. He did my tattoo and has been a friend for like a year now. He is married right now,but hopefully soon he is going to dump her and just be exclusive with Mandy. Mandy is so in love with him and I don't want to see her get hurt over this anymore. She is like my little sister and I try and look out for her. He definetly needs to make up his fucking mind. I don't see what the problem is. Mandy is so much better looking than dallas in everyway. Dallas is psyhco and Mandy is not. There is no point in Del and Dallas being together right now. Del better not just be playing Mandy or that would piss me the fuck off. If that is the case, I might have to just not do anything. Del could whip my ass so fucking easily. I am going to tell him what I think about the whole situation,because I think that he is doing Mandy so wrong. All she does is sit around and wait on Del to get there all day long. She is completly exclusive to him and turns down so many guys,but yet he stays married and lies about being with Dallas. It will all catch up to him eventually.

Wow, I really miss Krysta. I am really anxious for her to make her appearance online. I just want to see her and hold her so bad. I am not have that bad of anxiety,but it definetly could be worse. I wish I could call her at her grandparents or whatever. I think I should just chill out cuz it't only been like 4 days since I have seen her today. Relative to reality that is not very long at all. It has just seemed like forever. Especially since we were kinda fighting or whatever we were doing. I just want to give her a hug and tell her she is the most beautiful, perfect girlfriend in the world. I think I am definetly being obsessive. I should stop that before I scare her haha. It is so hard to not be obsessive when it comes to Krysta. I just can't get enough.

I am so exhausted and my body is so damn sore from all the running and fighting and shit. My feet have multiple blisters on them. Especially the foot that didn't have a shoe when I was making my way back to town. I am about to go lay down so my body can get some fucking rest. I think it will feel so damn good to just lay down and relax for a little while. My muscles are mad at me. I need to buy some centrum. I love that stuff and it is so good for you its crazy. It's one of the best vitamin suppliments you can take. Well I will write more later fo shizzle cuz I am in the writing mood or something like that.

Oh yeah. I aquired a new beanie and I bet Krysta is going to like it. I look really good in it. I am wearing it today so she can see it when we hang out. The time for us to hang out is getting closer and closer.. woot! I think I definetly look really hott for Krysta today. I look hott except for the bags under my eyes from lack of sleep. I am about to go take care of that though.

I volunteered to watch Amber's baby kaele so she could go to work. She didn't seem too intrested though. I think that she wanted to miss work today. She said she would call me back and she never did. This was like at 9:30 or earlier that this happened. Her baby is annoying as fuck,but I still like her for some reason.

This is definetly all for now though. This is like my longest post in a long time and maybe even ever. I think I need to tell my life story on another entry. I know some person is gonna get pissed off cuz this entry is so long and it fills up their entire friends list. If they don't like it then too bad. They can just remove me if they don't want to read my journal. It's not like you are supposed to keep it 100-200 words or something. It is a damned journal. You say what you feel and if it takes up a lot of space then who gives a shit.

*pries fingers from keyboard and presses update journal violently*
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