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Well Loni is on her way to come pick me up for work. She went to court today and they want to give her a years probation,80 hours of community service and 1400 dollars in restitution. That is without a lawyer. They are giving her one week to get a lawyer before she comes back. She is trying to get Hattox. They were saying the sentence should be half what they are trying to give her. All she had was one valium so she is being charged with possesion of a controlled substance.

I'm not sure how late I work today. I wanted to work the night shift too so I might be working until 12 tonight. I am supposed to get off at like 5:30 or 6:00. If that happens I will probably be able to hang out with toggler tonight. That would be great. Otherwise she is going to come up to my work and see me atleast. Just call my cell whenever okay baby? I <3 you!

I am kinda hungry,but I don't feel like eating. There is no milk so I can't eat cereal. I might eat something at work later if I can. I'm pretty sure I will get free food... mhhmm free food. I am just not that hungry anymore now that I am taking zoloft. My apetite is pretty shitty,but whatever. I am a lot happier until i get wasted ;-). Then all my problems just come back lol.

Tonight is karaoke night at my work. I am supposed to sing hahahahaha. They said usually only the owner sings for karaoke and I was like, I'll sing, shiiiiiit. I'm going to give a beautiful rendetion of semi charmed life by third eye blind.

God my tooth hurts so bad. When I first got to work today it hurt so fucking bad. I was chewing gum and then I smiled and OMFG. The pain was so intense it made me light headed. i gotta go loni is here.
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