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stuck like chuck.

my mother always leaves me with no car seat. I hate that shit. when she does that I have no way to leave since I have Kellen. that kinda sucks. Loren was supposed to come over here today and i wanted to go with her to weatherford to get her check so i could pay my phone bill. now i cant leave until my mom gets here and she isn't going to get here until i have to go back. that is okay though. i just keep telling myself 14 days.. 14 days and i wont have to ever worry about what time i go back again.

on a different note me and that loren chick are going to start seeing each other. we wont really have much time to see each other though. we both work at taco bell,but different ones. she goes to school and works full time. i work fulltime and only get to leave twice a week for the next 14 days. she asked me to go to her prom with her next saturday. i didnt even go to my own prom. im probably going to go with her though. ill have to get a tux and all that crap.

--that is all for now.
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