Michael Ruddell (pr_toman) wrote,
Michael Ruddell

like oh my gawd

wow looks like im back in the live journal thing. I just got out of jail. I was there for 5 months. Seems like it was forever. It was really just a flash of my life. It seemed like a long time while I was there ,but now it seems short. I ended up getting 4 years probation. I had 3 felonys.. fraudulent use of possession of identifying information,but one was dropped...possession of a dangerous drug.. that was dropped.. theft by check, evading arrest..(got away) and failure to id.

I was staying over at Loni's house,but the past few days I'v been at my moms. I am going to go looking for a job in fort worth tomorrow. I need to get some cash flow in.

My little brother fell off his bike and burned his arm and had to go to the hospital. His girlfriend Faith fell off too and broke her glasses. I felt sorry for her because like 30 minutes before we were talking about how if her glasses broke she couldn't afford to get anymore. My mom is going to buy her some new ones though.

Well thats all for now. I am going to close with that. I'll write more later.
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