Michael Ruddell (pr_toman) wrote,
Michael Ruddell

what luck

After helping this old lady at walmart by taking her to get her spare set of keys for her car and bringing her back to walmart bryan sparks and I got pulled over by a police officer for having no licence plate light. It so ended up that the registration sticker was stolen from a church van here in Granbury texas. I got some gay ticket and they let us go.

Tomorrow Loni and I have to go cash our income tax check that we filed jointly for even though we aren't together. We got a total of 3100 dollars which isn't that bad. There was a huge fiasco over that that I don't feel like getting into. Maybe I will later. All kinds of shit is just fuxored up. I also have an interview tomorrow at 9:30 at the chrysler dealership in the parts department. I am going to be stocking parts and doing internet sales for parts or something. Sounds like a lot of fun. Now that they scraped my fake registration sticker off I don't really have a car to do all that stuff, but I am going to anyways.

The reason I don't have my own sticker is because the nasty bitch from stephenville I bought the car from is being shiesty about the title. She was all trying to get Robert and me to have sex with her for the title. I told her to suck my ass and she got kinda pissed off about it. She is an old nasty bitch. She is definetly cashed. I don't wanna hit that shit.

Dude I can't get shit and its pissing me off. I need some work. I am SOOO in debt. That is okay. After I get this money from the income tax I will have 800 cash and I will be like bling bling mother fucker.. give me some shit for this cash money I have here. I will prevail yet.

I have to get my cv joints repaired on both wheels. The brakes are acting up and the harmonic balancer still needs to get fixed. I need a tune-up and all this bullshit. I was supposed to fix this computer for my friends shannon to do some of the work on the car,but I havn't been able to fix the computer and he is pretty pissed off cuz I d on't have some part. I have been blowing him off and need to call him cuz he will beat my ass.

I need to clean my fucking room, it is a mess. I usually don't let it get like that ,but jesus christ I have b.een lazy lately. I wake up at 3pm or 7pm and it depresses me. I am going to be making a lot of changes in my life pretty soon. I don't feel like typing so later..
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