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my head hurts

I don't feel like typing very much right now cuz im so fucking tired. I have just been working. Thursday I got to see Krysta and we went up to my work and ate. It was karaoke and I got drunk and fucking sang karaoke and it was hilarious. The owner and I sang all night and it was great. After that I went over to mandys house and hung out with her all night. The next day I was 4 hours late for work cuz i had to go get my birth certificate and I.D made. I didn't think I would be that late,but Loni didn't come home until like 12:00. After that I went to work on no sleep and worked until like 12:00. I made like 35 bucks in tips on 4 tables and then katy took me home.

Krysta and I almost broke up last night. We talked things through and are going to stay together. I was just freaking out because she can't come to Granbury anymore cuz of that wreck she got into. It wasn't even a bad wreck at all or anything. Maybe it's selfish,but the only time we have ever got to see each other she has used her car to make it happen. She said she would figure out someway,but I highly doubt she can. I really do hope things work out.

Kellen wants me to read a book to him.. my head hurts.. im gonna go.. bye
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