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second day at work

It was so slow today it was crazy. They said it was way slower than it usually is. I didn't really get to learn that much,but they are still going to let me wait tables without training another day because I am just awesome. I sat at the bar for like an entire 2 hours and drank because there was nothing to do. No customers came in and everything was done. I ate a meatball sub and damn it was good.

I havn't heard from toggler today so I don't know if she is coming or not. I think that if I don't hear from her soon I am going to call and get them to let me work. I want to be sure I know what the fuck is going on before I am on the floor by myself. Besides, tonight is karaoke night and I don't wanna miss that. I might just go hang out of there and drink or whatever. It is a complete blast. I really hope I get to see krysta though. I havn't seen her in so long it seems.

I'm gonna get Loni to take me up to the DMV and get my id made finally. I have to get it done before like monday. Monday I will go and get my social security card. Maybe I can do that on Saturday,but I doubt it. Hopefully when I go up there to get it made I won't go to jail haha. There is no telling really lol. From my understanding everything should be cool. I called and talked to all the counties I have warrents when I wanted to sit my time out. They said that I couldn't sit it out down here and that none of the counties would come pick me up. The lady said that since they were all traffic warrents they don't even show up in state wide searches anyways so yay. I have had those bitches for like four fucking years. I'll never take care of them. That statute of limitations runs out in 3 more years ;-).

I think I am going to get my friend jacob koppang a job where I work. That would be bad ass. That kids awesome. More later.. I am tired of typing.. well not really,but if I don't stop now I never will haha.
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